As of December 31, 2012, the TWHBEA no longer provides contract pricing or kits for blood typing.  BEFORE PROCEEDING PLEASE CONTACT THE TWHBEA to determine what is needed for your horse. If you must have a horse blood typed for parentage the lab recommends samples be mailed between April 1 to April 15, and November 1 to November 15. Requests for blood typing must be prepaid and submitted with the appropriate form. 

You must submit a 10 ml draw red top tube AND purple top tube for each sample. DO NOT USE SERUM SEPARATOR tubes. If you prefer, the University has a limited supply of tubes available and can provide tubes and a mailer. The cost is $15 and must be prepaid and requested by sending a completed kit request form.

Requests for Red Top Tube conversions will also be processed only in April and November. Any vet will be able to supply a red top tube. Use the TWHBEA blood typing submission form.

Payment may be made by MC/VISA or check payable to THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. Results will be reported to TWHBEA. You will NOT receive results directly.