Members of the Friesian Horse Association of North America should contact FHANA regarding testing procedures and submission of samples.

Dwarfism in the Friesian horse is characterized by abnormally short limbs and laxity of the flexor tendon resulting in an abnormal gait.  The rib cage may also exhibit malformations. The mode of inheritance is as a simple recessive. Carriers of the mutation appear normal, and should two carriers be bred, there is a one in four chance that a dwarf will be produced. A mutation has been discovered in the B4GALT7 gene that is causative for the disorder. The genetic test allows carriers to be identified so that production of dwarf foals can be avoided. Friesians or Friesian crossbreds should be tested prior to breeding to avoid breeding two carriers together.

The cost is $35 for each test (or $60 for the Friesian Dwarfism and Hydrocephaly tests).