1. Clean the foot so there is no contamination around nails. 
  2. Slightly clip your dog's nail with nail clippers. 
  3. Allow blood to collect into a small drop on the end of the nail. 
  4. Take the FTA card and blot the drop of blood on to one of the four circles on the card until there is a blot the size of a dime (at least two circles need blood within the circle, so more than one nail may need to be collected). 
  5. Allow the FTA card to air dry at room temperature (between 30 minutes to an hour). 
  6. Fold cover back over circles with blood dried on the FTA card. 
  7. Place the card in the envelope and send by regular mail to the lab using the pre-addressed envelope provided. 

Instructions for HSF4 Dog Cataract Testing (Downloadable PDF)